Garden, terrace, swimming pool and exterior (photos)

House on a sloping land with a view

Creating one or more outdoor spaces for a house to benefit from the sun and nature, a garden, a terrace and, maybe, a swimming pool, makes it a privileged place for life with family and friends. A beautiful garden or even a small terrace, will equip a house with a pleasant relaxation area to enjoy the beautiful days.

Contemporary house with terrace, swimming pool and large garden

Depending on budget and priorities, choosing the right land lot with enough space will allow for the creation of well-integrated, beautiful house that also enables outdoor recreation. A terrace or a garden, possibly with facilities such as a swimming pool or a hot tub will be important assets for the well-being of its inhabitants, which will also increase the value of the house in case of resale.

Tree in front of swimming pool and terrace of a modern house

The garden, nature at home

Inserted in a private courtyard in a urban setting, or set around a house in a less dense residential area, the garden is a natural haven of peace where vegetation invites people to relax outdoors. The garden creates a space of calm giving rise to a new art of living; life in common flourishes through new activities: afternoon of games with children, barbecues and family gatherings around a beautiful table, reception of friends for a lunch on the grass, exercise of pets, gardening…

Trees and small pond in the garden of a wooden house
Garden and terrace of a contemporary house

For a house with a garden, a rainwater collection system will also be a smart addition. A small increase in the original investment will allow water savings over the long term and a little help for the preservation of the environment. This system, sometimes incorporated in a green roof, is increasingly used in the construction of contemporary houses, bringing an  extra benefit in addition to giving a particular style to a house and an extension of nature on the roof.

Green roof of a modern house

The terrace, a room outside

For lovers of the outdoors in the countryside or city dwellers who want to go out while staying in their home, a terrace is an ideal outdoor relaxing place for a spring lunch, a lazy afternoon or a summer evening. With comfortable outdoor furniture that resist the weather, plants and parasols for a little shade, a terrace is a refreshing place where the decoration joins the open air to get inhabitants out of their routine.

Covered terrace with plants

A terrace is also a great way to take advantage of a beautiful view and open the interior of a house on a large panorama. If it is possible to create a terrace that offers such a view, it is strongly advised to do so, because it offers exceptional moments for the mind to open to the horizon, and will considerably increase the value of a house in case of sale.

Semi-covered wooden terrace,overlooking a splendid mountain panorama

Swimming pool and hot tub, aquatic exercise and relaxation

A place for sports and aquatic recreation in the garden, a swimming pool or a hot tub becomes the center of the house at the slightest ray of sunshine. The dream of many people is not so hard to achieve, a well-thought swimming pool in a well-designed home can be installed at affordable prices.

Infinity pool in the garden of a modern house
Hot tub on the terrace of a contemporary house

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