The wooden house (photos)

Modern wooden house

A wooden house has several advantages: wood is not only an ecological and warm material, but also relatively durable over time – several hundred years – and a good insulator. It is inexpensive during the construction and also provides long-term savings. A wooden house has many advantages, both from an environmental and financial point of view, and it also allows, thanks to modern techniques, a great flexibility of architectural design.

Large wooden house for a large family
Large wooden house for a large family

The benefits of a wooden house

Beyond the environmental consciousness that makes wood an excellent construction material for an ecological house, following the principles of a sustainable architecture, a house built of wood with modern techniques offers various advantages: resistance to deformation, good aging, durability over time, environment-friendly properties during production, construction and long-term use, wood is also a cheap material.

Wooden mountain house
Wooden mountain house, designed to reduce heating requirements

The construction in timber of the supporting structure of a house, with poles and / or wooden beams, gives it great stability, and allows construction without intermediate joinery for the insertion of fixed openings such as bay windows. The type of structure, rather complex, enables the creation of large houses and facades.

Wooden loft
Wooden loft built in urban environment

Following the construction stule of Germanic countries, a house can also be built with wood panels that offer structural properties and allow for a great architectural freedom,allow to build with great heights and many floors. This structure also has properties against deformation, protecting from aging or moisture, with a very good insulation for excellent thermal and energy performance.

Wooden terrace
Wooden terrace of a house with red cedar cladding

The wood frame house

The wood frame is the most used construction technique because it can adapt to the traditional styles of each region or to realize houses of contemporary style. Wooden frames are spaced about 50 cm – 2 feet apart, they constitute the structure of the walls between which an insulating material is inserted, such as vegetable wool for example. Wooden frame creates robust and insulating walls of flexible sizes, sometimes further reinforced with an outer layer of heavy insulation. This wood frame construction technique, assembled on site or prefabricated, is both quick and economical to build.

Wood frame house with cubic shapes
Wood frame house with cubic shapes
Wood and masonry composed house
Wood and masonry composed house, with workshop, guestrooms and swimming pool

A house with wood cladding

Used in exterior cladding, wood protects from the weather and adds an insulating layer to a house, while presenting a natural and warm aesthetic. Sidings of a house made of natural wood planks will tend to take a gray color with time and exposure to the sun and the weather, but it won’t lose its properties. Wood can also be treated and / or painted to protect it from this change in color.

Wooden facade with many windows
Southern facade with windows of a large wooden house for a large family
Cedar wood house
Cedar wood house with terrace and swimming pool

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